Our History

We have state of the art plants with the highest levels of technology in the world ensuring products that meet the most frequent quality and hygiene standards Tejas a household name for the quality that we offer to our customers we offer a a plethora of products which are nutritionally rich and full of natural goodness We combine taste and tradition with the east of modernity that makes cooking really easy as well as comfortable production handling processing storage and distribution are safe and confirm safety and quality requirements it’s a fantastic range of food that will keep you going till lunch when you will probably come back for another.

Our Mission & Vision

Values, commitment to quality, and ethical behavior are the cornerstones of our company culture, and we are in the forefront in the development of new food products with health, taste and nutrition as core requirements. THEJUS aims to be a trusted & indispensable food partner by upholding its impeccable standards in quality, sustainability, consistency and value added support services.

Our Factory & Production

When it comes to our factory, we have a strong infrastructural base in Okkal, Perumbavoor, Kerala, which is equipped with modern machinery & experienced technicians. Let us have a look around our factory, how we operate & manufacture our signature products.



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